Regional Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP)

Guides and Manual

EN Accomplished Workbook
EN Proficient Workbook
EN Competent Workbook
RN Expert Workbook
RN Proficient Workbook
RN Competent Workbook
PDRP Manual 2016


Template A Feedback to Preceptor
Template A1 Preceptorship Experience
Template B Learning Assessment Tool (LAT)
Template C Teaching Plan
Template D Formal Teaching Session Evaluation
Template EN1 Quality Improvement
Template EN2 Practice Change Initiative
Template EN4 Evidence of Involvement in Professional Groups/Activities
Template F Skill Development Evaluation
Template F1 Feedback Skills Development
Template H Quality Improvement Change in Practice Initiative Project
Template J Change Initiative/Special Project
Template L Evidence of Involvement in Professional Groups/Forums
Template M NM Support
Template N Portfolio Declaration Submission Consent Form
Template O Reflection on Professional Development
Request for an Appeal

Nursing Council Documents

RN Combined Self and Senior Nurse Assessment for Clinical Nurses
RN Practising in Education
RN in Clinical Management
Enrolled Nurse Competence Assessment Form
Competencies for Enrolled Nurses
Competencies for Registered Nurses


Last updated: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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